Gravitational Development

Who We Are

Eugene’s premier C# & .Net development consultancy. Our founders bring more than 30 years of collective experience in building .NET infrastructure. We’ve worked with industry leaders, state & local governments as well as private enterprise large and small.  Founded in 2016 to fill a gap in regional Microsoft platform knowledge.  We’re growing, drawing additional .NET developers into our sphere of influence.

What We Do

We build diverse teams fitted to the specific needs of your project.  Our developers have deep MS platforms knowledge (see Legacy below)  as well as the next versions of the languages and platforms.  We stay up to date on trends so we can give clear and concise direction.  We use this stuff every day.

Why C# & .NET?

It’s a great time to be developing in .NET.  All the code you’ve invested in over the years can live on new platforms as part of Microsoft’s adoption of Open Source with the .Net Foundation.  C# is a powerful and concise language that runs on everything from mobile on iOS and Android, to the PC with UWP, to the web and cloud with .NET Core.  There is so much excitement around C# and .NET it’s like a new renaissance for the platform.

Our Specialties

Modern Web

We use the current stable release of Open Source .NET technologies. For for web development that’s MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, UIKit or Bootstrap, and JQuery.NWe like to host your webs in the cloud and version your source using Git. It’s a straight forward approach using the the most maintainable choices available. We also know other popular technologies but that is not our focus today. DARKMATTER does .NET. Simple and to the point.

Mobile Apps

C# on iOS and Android is a great choice for the mobile editions of your business apps. Xamarin is the tool that allows a single C# code base to build beautiful native apps across all popular mobile platforms. iOS and Android are the most popular but we can do Windows Universal Apps just in case you need something run on your PC or X-Box. We’ve been a Xamarin partner for years and feel confident we can bring your business apps to mobile in a reasonable way you will really enjoy.


DARKMATTER is uniquely positioned to take on your legacy code. We have clients with Classic ASP and even Access databases. Many of our consultants have decades of experience on these platforms. Obviously we will recommend that you modernize your project but never suggest that you “boil the ocean” and start over from scratch. Let’s build a bridge to the future. Even if that future has no .NET components what-so-ever we can help you get there in a sane and reasonable way.


Modern systems have many moving parts. Some of those parts are not .NET but want data that is locked away in SQL Server or your Web Services. We specialize in preserving your existing systems and building rich JSON REST and WebAPI APIs to extend access to other platforms. You don’t need to abandon your existing system to make it interpenetrate with the rest of your organization. Let us show you how.

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